House festival in the French Alps.

Deepsneeuw is a unique concept, mixing two of Three-Sixty Event’s favourites: sports and music. 360-Events organises a yearly trip to the French Alps, with great skiing and snowboarding conditions during the day, and with equally great parties post-slopes.

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Sports amusement park at Park Spoor Noord

After a successful partnership with Railbattle, the City Antwerp gave Three-Sixty Events a carte blanche: Come up with another brilliant idea, and we will help make it happen. This is how Sportopia was born.

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BENELUX Championship Ski & Snowboarding - Rail

The Antwerp Ski and Snowboard Railbattle was a yearly snow event, where skiers and snowboarders compete in showing the best tricks on various rails. Born out of love for snow sports, Railbattle grew to host the BeNeLux Championship Ski and Snowboard Railing 2013.

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