Rental - Climbing & Boulderwall

Scaling up a wall, clambering over big constructions and descending like a smooth operator; climbing isn’t just a great full-body physical activity, it’s also great fun!

360 Events can create climbing- and bouldering walls to fit any height or width. Structures can be made horizontally, vertically as well as sloped and for all levels of difficulty.

  • Rental Climbing Boulderwall
  • Rental Climbing Boulderwall

Bouldering vs Climbing

The difference in difficulty also has to do with the difference between bouldering and climbing. Only walls of lower heights are suitable for bouldering, as bouldering walls do not require safety lines for the climbers. Bouldering walls only require mats to land or fall on, whereas climbing walls require more safety measures.

From 4 metres and up, it becomes a climbing wall requiring appropriate safety measures. Of course, whether it concerns a boulding or a climbing wall (or both!), 360 Events can design, deliver and build a certified safe structure.

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