Rental - Light

Ain’t no party without music and lights! 360 Events has an extensive collection to create sound- and light design for any event, small or huge.

Whether it’s about creating an exciting atmosphere at a big event, showcasing specific elements for branding purposes or adding special effects to a party: lighting can really make or break a happening.

  • Rental Light Sound
  • Rental Light Sound
  • Rental Light Sound
  • Rental Light Sound
  • Rental Light Sound

With a broad range of available products, 360 Events is able to help decide what’s right. With additional available elements for sound, truss, smoke effects and DJ booths, no event is too big or too small for the right kind of party.

  • 2x CDJ Nexus 2
  • 2x CDJ 400
  • 1x DJM 400
  • DJM 900 nexus
  • Par lights on batteries
  • Truss
  • QSC sound system
  • DJ-booths
  • Smoke Machines
  • Moving heads

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